• Is the water safe to drink?
    We provide bottled water at each meal that is included in your trip. It is highly recommended that when you wish to have additional water you always should purchase bottled water,you can expect to pay between 20 and 40 cents depending where you purchase it. Water used for coffee or tea drinks will be safe as it has been boiled.
  • What type of clothes, shoes or boots should I wear?
    That depends on you and the type of tour or trek you are interested in. If you will be traveling during the normal seasons then light to mid weight clothes should be satisfactory remember to wear comfortable shoes that work well on Nepal’s uneven walk ways. Shorter treks at low altitudes can be done in running shoes, or light hiking boots. Remember it can rain at any time so it is a good idea to have a rain jacket and an umbrella with you.
  • When is the best travel season?
    The best time to travel in Nepal is generally March, April, May, September, October and November. These are the months that you can normally expect mostly clear skies and the least chance of rain, and comfortable temperatures, however after saying that we need to remind you mother nature is in charge and the occasional thunderstorm is always a possibility.
  • What weather can I expect ?
    Weather in Nepal varies greatly depending on the location you are traveling in. Please contact us regarding the tour you are interested in.
  • How much money should I bring for the tour?
    The amount of money you bring on a tour depends on you. You will be responsible for any snacks and drinks (coffee, soda, beer) that are not included with your meals, for most travelers $5 to $10 per day should cover those expenses. You may also want to bring some money for souvenirs.
  • What happens if there is an emergency?
    We will have your emergency contact information on file and will make every attempt to notify the correct contacts, including your family or friends and any doctors or insurance company, you have provided. We will certainly arrange any emergency medical help necessary, however you will be responsible for any charges for provided services. We highly recommend you obtain emergency medical and evacuation insurance. There are many insurance companies available one we have found to be very helpful and reliable is Travel Guard.
  • Where will I be greeted when I arrive at the airport ?
    You will be greeted by an airport employee that we have contracted, by the baggage claim area they will assist you to gather your baggage and will escort you to the visa processing desk to obtain the proper visa then will escort out of the airport where you will be greeted by a Nepal In Style staff member who will assist you with your baggage to our waiting transport and you will be transported to your hotel. Our staff will assure you are checked in properly and will have your luggage delivered to your room, and make certain your room has been properly prepared for your arrival.
  • How safe is the food?
    Food safety is always a big concern in Nepal, Every meal during your trip will be arranged in a facility that we believe to be safe for our clients. If you decide to have additional meals or snacks that are not provided by Nepal In Style please consult with our staff for recommendations. Please never eat at the street food carts.