Zip Flyer

Zip flyer is one of the adventurous sports which realize the true nature of Nepal overviewing the adventurous landscapes and the snowcapped Himalayas. Zip Flyer is located in Sarangkot which lies in Pokhara. The Zipline has a length of 1850m and has a vertical drop of 2000ft which is done about 2 minutes with an extreme excitements at 140 km/hr.The Zip begins from the top of Sarangkot(5032ft) and ends in Hemja(3000ft) overviewing of seti river and dense forest. Basic information and safety measures are reminded before the ride and the excitement roars beginning with the count down 5,4,3,2,1 and the door opens. Zip flyer is truly an adventurous experience not to be missed.

Jungle Safari Activities- Chitwan

Nepal has established 7 National Parks and 3 wildlife reserves for the protection of the endangered species. There is only one hunting reserve in Nepal. The total area covered by these parks and reserves is 11,001 square kilometers (4,247 square miles). This represents 8% of the total area of Nepal. Popular parks are: Sagarmatha NP, […]